Terms of Use

To ensure the safety and comfort of our guests, the Pearl Star Hotel Atami has established the following regulations based on Article 10 of the Terms and Conditions of Accommodation. If you do not abide by these regulations, we may have no choice but to refuse your stay or use of the hotel’s facilities, and we may ask you to pay for any damages suffered by the hotel.

  1. The use of guest rooms
    1. Please check the evacuation route map from your guest room in the guest room directory.
    2. Please make sure to put the internal lock and door guard on during your stay, especially when going to bed.
    3. Smoking is not permitted in any of the hotel’s facilities. Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is not allowed in the rooms or on the terrace, nor are cigarette butts brought into the rooms. Failure to comply will result in a penalty charge equivalent to the room rate and an amount equal to damages incurred by the hotel. Smoking is allowed in the smoking area designated by the hotel.
    4. Please do not use fire or candles for heating or cooking in the guest rooms or hallways without the hotel’s permission. Cooking is strictly prohibited in the rooms. (except for rooms with cooking facilities).
    5. Please do not engage in any other activities that could cause a fire.
    6. Do not use the guest rooms for business activities (exhibitions, etc.) or other purposes other than accommodation without the hotel’s permission.
    7. Do not move any of the fixtures in the room without the hotel’s permission or make any significant changes to the room, such as remodeling or modifying the room. If any fixtures are lost or damaged, you may be asked to reimburse the hotel for the actual cost of the loss or damage. Please do not take any small articles or fixtures out of the guest room.
    8. Do not place any items on the terrace that would detract from the hotel’s appearance.
    9. Please meet with visitors in the lobby during the night.
    10. No persons other than those registered to stay are permitted to stay at the hotel.
    11. Minors only are not allowed to stay at the hotel without the written consent of a parent or guardian.
    12. No tattoos, including one-point fashion tattoos, are permitted to be shown in any hotel facilities. Please wear a jacket or similar covering in the lobby, restaurants, and other public spaces, and please be considerate when using the infinity bath or fitness center.
  2. The room card key
    1. When you leave your room during your stay, please ensure your room key card is with you and confirm that your room is locked. (The hotel has automatic locks.)
    2. Please present your card key when using your signature at the check-out of restaurants, bars, etc., in the hotel.
    3. Please return the card key to the front desk when you leave the hotel.
  3. Payment, etc.
    1. Please pay your bill at the front desk on the 1st floor upon your departure. Please note that depending on the circumstances, you may be asked to pay the bill during your stay. Please note that if the hotel charges the guest for the account and they don’t pay, the hotel may ask the guest to vacate the room.
    2. Payment for your stay will be made in cash, by credit card, or other means approved by the hotel. Bills and checks are not accepted.
    3. We may ask you to confirm your credit card upon arrival or ask for a deposit.
    4. When we receive payment from someone other than the guest, we will request payment directly from the guest if the payment is not made by the established due date.
    5. We do not accept replacement payments for shopping, tickets, cab fare, postage stamps, luggage postage, etc.
    6. A facility charge will be added when using an outside telephone line on the in-room telephone.
    7. A 10% service charge will be added to the room rate in addition to taxes, and we do not accept tips.
    8. We do not accept checks or currency exchange.
  4. Valuables and Checked-in Items
    1. Please use the safety deposit box in your room to store cash, securities, and other valuables during your stay. The hotel will not be responsible for any loss or theft of your valuables if you do not use the safe deposit box. Please note that we cannot take custody of art and antique items.
    2. The hotel may not be held responsible for the loss, theft, or alteration of cash, valuables, securities, or perishable or fragile items at the front desk, regardless of whether or not the guest is staying at the hotel.
    3. The hotel will only release items entrusted to us by our guests to those who have an exchange receipt. The hotel will not be liable for any damage resulting from the loss of an exchange receipt, regardless of the cause, such as loss or theft. The hotel is also not responsible for any loss of items after they have been handed over.
    4. Lost and found items in the hotel will be kept by the hotel for a certain period, after which we will handle them under the Lost and Found Law.
    5. Unless otherwise specified, the storage period of the lost and found items will be as follows. After the storage period has elapsed, the hotel will treat the relinquished property as if there is no intention to retrieve it.
    6. *We will keep cash and precious metals (valuables) for one month.
      *For the protection of privacy, the hotel will not contact the guest unless the owner of the items can be identified.
      *The hotel will not be held responsible for delays due to postal or courier service conditions. The guest will be responsible for shipping charges.
      The storage period for lost and found items is 3 months (Some items are kept for 6 months, but this is based on the Lost and Found Law).
      After that, please get in touch with the Atami Police Station by yourself.

    7. Standards for items to be disposed of
      • Items placed in garbage cans or other containers that are intended to be handled as waste
      • Perishable food
      • Food and beverages with expiration date labels (rice balls, sandwiches, boxed lunches, milk, etc.)
      • Opened food (except individually wrapped food with best-before dates indicated on the individual packages)
      • Opened beverages (except for corked unfinished drinks (wine, whiskey, etc.))
      • Other uneaten food and beverages and their wrappers that are scattered on the table.
  5. Please refrain from bringing in or doing any of the following items that may inconvenience other guests in the hotel.
    1. Animals, birds, or other pets (except assistance dogs)
    2. Gunpowder, volatile oil, or other flammable or combustible materials.
    3. Items that emit a foul odor.
    4. Guns, swords, methamphetamines, and other items whose possession is prohibited by law.
    5. Gambling, the conduct that is disruptive to public morals or behavior that is disruptive to other guests.
    6. Going outside the guest room in nightwear, bathrobe, slippers, etc.
    7. Moving or using furnished items for purposes other than their intended use.
    8. Taking delivery of food or beverages from outside the hotel.
    9. Throwing items from the balcony.
    10. Distribution of advertising materials, sales of goods, solicitation, etc.
    11. Taking photographs in the hotel without permission and using photos taken for business purposes.
    12. Conducting cell phone conversations in inappropriate places, talking loudly, or any other behavior that may cause displeasure or annoyance to other guests.
    13. Entering facilities not reserved for guests, such as emergency stairwells and mechanical rooms, except in an emergency or under unavoidable circumstances.
  6. In the event of damage, contamination, or loss of buildings, fixtures, or other items due to reasons other than force majeure, the guest may be required to pay a reasonable reimbursement amount.
  7. Use of the parking lot
    1. Please follow the guidance and instructions of staff members while on the parking lot premises.
    2. Do not leave valuables or other items in parked cars. The hotel is not responsible for any loss or theft in the parking lot.
    3. Any vehicle parked outside of the parking spaces designated by the hotel staff may be towed.
    4. Hotel staff will not provide valet parking services.
    5. Use of the parking lot for overnight stays is from 14:00 on the day of check-in to 13:00 on the day of check-out. We will charge additional fees for using the parking lot outside these hours.
  8. In the case that there is a possibility of a violation of public order and crime syndicates and members of crime syndicates
    1. The hotel does not allow the use of designated organized crime syndicates or members of organized crime syndicates, as stipulated by the “Law Concerning Prevention of Unlawful Acts by Organized Crime Groups” (enforced on March 1, 1992). (If this fact is discovered after making a reservation or during your stay, we will refuse your use of the hotel at that time.)
    2. Antisocial groups and members of antisocial groups (including organized crime syndicates, radical groups, and their members) are not permitted to use the hotel. (If this fact is discovered after making a reservation or during your stay, we will refuse your use of the hotel at that time.)
    3. If any violent, threatening, blackmailing, intimidating, unjustified demand or similar act is found, the guest will be immediately asked to refrain from using the hotel. We also ask that those who have committed similar actions in the past refrain from using the hotel.
    4. Suppose a guest is deemed mentally or physically weak, or to have lost control of themselves due to drugs or alcohol consumption, and is considered unable to ensure their safety or pose a danger, fear, or anxiety to other guests. In that case, we will immediately refuse the guest’s use of the hotel.
    5. Suppose a guest is found to be causing disgust or inconvenience to others by shouting, singing, boisterous behavior, or any other conduct in the hotel or guest rooms, or a guest engages in gambling or any other conduct offensive to public order and morals. In that case, we will immediately deny the guest’s use of the hotel. Any other acts similar to those described above will result in banning the hotel’s use.
    6. Please note that security cameras are installed throughout the hotel except in the guest rooms.
  9. Modification of the Rules
    1. These rules fall under the standardized terms and conditions under the Civil Code, and each provision of these rules shall be changed under the provisions of the Civil Code when it conforms to the general interests of customers or when there are reasonable grounds for requiring such a change.
    2. Any modification of these rules shall be applied from the effective date specified at the time of posting the contents of the modified rules on the website designated by the Company. In the case of any amendment to these rules, a document stating the details of the amendment shall be kept in the guest room.

Enacted on September 6, 2022