Lounge Ocean Breeze [ 1F ]

A space filled with tranquility and spaciousness.
Relaxing time spent while enjoying aromatic coffee, tea, and sweets.
Please use this space to talk with your special someone, to meet or chat with someone.

Enjoy world-renowned teas and authentic sweets

We offer Shizuoka Kocha, a craft black tea made in Shizuoka, which grows tea trees on contract farms and produces tea at its factory, and Ronnefeldt Tea, a historical black tea manufacturer in Germany. Please enjoy a moment of tranquility with sweets made by a patissier who has honed his skills at a famous restaurant.

The origin of the restaurant’s name

Atami’s ocean and white sand sun beach spread out in front of the hotel. It evokes a scene of beautiful scenery that changes with the seasons and is carried in by a fresh breeze.



The lounge, with its theme of high-quality conversation, is filled with elegance and tranquility, completely unimaginable from the crowded beach in front of the hotel. The lounge is also decorated with seasonal flowers in a water basin made of jet-black lava stone, unique to Izu. Enjoy the elegance of a hotel lounge.

Afternoon Tea
Refined Pearl Star Atami Style

At Pearl Star Hotel Atami, afternoon tea is an ensemble of lovely sweets arranged on a tea tray. Enjoy the changing seasons as you taste these carefully crafted sweets made from the best seasonal and local ingredients. Please also enjoy the tea food provided by Local Gastronomy SINFONIA on the 6th floor.

A concept inspired by the real France

Tartine is an open sandwich that is enjoyed by French families daily. SINFONIA Chef Aoki, who has honed his skills in France, has arranged this local food. We hope you will enjoy the authentic taste of this local food, made with carefully selected ingredients and local produce.

Business Hours
10:00 ~ 17:30