The Bar

The Bar KEEL [ 6F ]

Enjoy a cocktail and a famous sake while surrounded by Atami’s nighttime stillness.
The bartender will offer you a drink that will relax your body and mind and leave you with beautiful memories of the day.
Here is a place where you can quietly savor elegant adult time.

An adult evening reflected in a shimmering glass

Many cocktails are available, from classic cocktails to Atami-themed originals. The sound of the bartender’s shaker melts into the echoing sound of the waves, setting a special mood for an adult evening.

The origin of the restaurant’s name

“KEEL” means the structure that connects the bow and stern of a ship, which is also called the backbone of a dragon. We imagined a strong connection between people.


An 8-seat counter where you can quietly enjoy the glass twinkling in the soft lighting. The bottles of spirits and whiskeys line up in front of you as if you were looking at a collection of the world’s finest liquors.


Signature Cocktails

Pearl Star
A refreshing cocktail inspired by the “pearl” that Pearl Star Hotel ATAMI is named after. A vodka base, peach liqueur, and grapefruit juice create the image of a pearl-white sea.

The name “Glory” is derived from the image of purple jacaranda and red bougainvillea, Atami’s representative flowers, while expressing the hotel’s desire to become a representative of Atami. It is a light and easy-to-drink cocktail with a liqueur covered with rose and violet aromas and flavors of citrus and berries.

Business Hours
17:30 ~ 22:00 (LO)