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The 12-meter-long infinity bath is designed to resemble a ship in the sky.
The solemn sound of the hot water overflowing and falling toward the sea is reminiscent of a ship breaking through the waves.
The top-floor bathhouse, which uses its own hot spring water, offers a dynamic sensation as if the sky and the sea in front of you are melting into one.
If you stand quietly in the bath, you will experience a moment of surrender to the infinite mirror of water.
Enjoy the ever-changing sky and sea as time flows by.

Omiya-No-Matsu Onsen Know as “Bijin No Yu” (“Hot Spring of Beauty”)

Atami Onsen is a chloride spring which is the 2nd most common type of hot spring in Japan. Its Hydrogen ion concentration PH level is 8.3. The transparent water is slightly alkaline and resembles seawater and tastes salty as it contains salt. The water helps the body warm up and retain heat, and prevents dry skin with its skin-coating effect. It is called the finishing touch for a beautiful woman making smooth and white skin.

Water Type and Benefits

The coating effect of salt keeps you warm even after getting out of the bath. The water has Bactericidal properties and prevents dry skin by improving blood circulation. It is good for treating cuts, peripheral circulatory disorder, poor circulation, depression (healing the mind), and dry skin. The water contains 110.1 mg of metasilicic acid which gives great effects on the skin.

– Facilities –

dry sauna (85 °C), steam sauna (45 °C), water bath (17 °C),
carbonated water and hydrogen water indoor bath, space after taking a bath (rest area)

Refresh the body and mind with 2 types of saunas

On the top floor, there is an infinity bath where you can feel like you are one with the ocean, a spacious indoor bath, and sauna rooms. Our popular saunas are created with our own unique taste. 2 types of saunas are available: a steam sauna that fills the room with steam to warm you to the deepest parts of your body and a high-temperatures dry sauna with the refreshing scent of wood that promotes sweating. Both saunas have an excellent detox effect and make your mind and body relaxed.

Indoor bath full of benefits for your body and mind

Relax in the bath with your arms and legs spread out. We have two types of baths: carbonated water bath and hydrogen-rich water bath. In the carbonated water bath, carbon dioxide penetrates the skin and expands the capillaries to improve blood flow. The hydrogen-rich water bath help eliminate waste products from the body. This is because hydrogen permeates into your bloodstream through your skin and increases the supply of oxygen. The baths can boost your metabolism, remove fatigue, and have many benefits on the skin.

Open-Air bath with an Ocean View

All guest rooms are equipped with hot spring baths drawn from our own hot spring. Rooms with open-air baths on the terrace offer a fantastic view of Atami Bay and the large fireworks displaying in the summer night sky. In addition to the open-air baths with ocean views, we also have suites with a “terrace bath” in the center of the room. We hope you will enjoy this unique and individual space. Here, quiet time flows, relaxing your mind and heart.