Our Commitment

In 1897, the story of Atami began with Koyo Ozaki’s novel Konjiki Yasha (The Golden Demon). Pearl Star Hotel Atami is located right in front of Atami’s symbols, the bronze statue depicting a famous scene from the story and “Omiya no matsu” (the pine tree of Omiya) standing next to it.

Enjoy a wonderful vacation in a place with a rich history and a spectacular ocean view. We are committed to delivering memorable and high-quality service, and special moments.


Our hotel is characterized by the roofing with kumiko (Japanese woodworking) inspired by a traditional wooden townhouse, and a stylish and modern atmosphere created with basalt rock. The colonnade decorated with oxidized gold is truly majestic. The cover of a new storybook opens as our guests step foot in our hotel. At night, the hotel is lit up with a gentle light like a lighthouse that guides the ships back to the port. Atami Pearl Star Hotel is filled with true Japanese beauty.

Main Lobby

Lanterns made of patterned bamboo are hanging from the 10m-high ceiling in the man lobby. There’s a colonnade of kumiko that replicates chigai-dana (split-level shelves) giving the feel of the sukiya (architectural style for tea house). After passing through the entrance porch, you will step into the lobby reminiscent of an inkstone room and the corridor decorated with smoked tiles. The reception desk is made of zelkova solid wood and the idea of the design comes from a rowing oar. A water basin made of jet-black lava stone unique to Izu is placed in the center of the lobby, and guests are welcomed by seasonal flowers.

Sunrise Glow by Naoki Kusumi

The remarkable art in vermilion decorating the wall of the lobby is the work of Yuki Kusumi, a famous plasterer and artist. The bold movement of the trowel creates subtle changes on the surface, and the light brings out different impressions. The vivid eye-catching art represents the start of your exciting trip.

The seasons of Atami strike you every time you visit

Hatsushima Island, hazy beyond the horizon. Deep purple jacaranda blooming in early summer.
The yacht harbor beautifully framing the azure seashore. Here is a landscape you will want to see forever.
In particular, the Atami Fireworks Festival, held more than 10 times a year throughout the four seasons, is launched right in front of the hotel,
and the beautifully colored surface of the water can be viewed from the terrace.
Enjoy the new season with a vivid impression.

Experience the history of Atami

Take a walk and feel the nostalgic townscape of Atami Ginza or watch Atami Odori. Atami is filled with a quaint atmosphere and you feel the excitement as you climb up the stairs leading to hot springs or as you encounter the 2100-year-old camphor tree in Kinomiya Shrine. We hope the exotic mood of historical streets and fusion of traditional and new culture will make your stay in Atami even more beautiful.