Teppanyaki TOMO [ 6F ]

The finest domestic brand beef and local ingredients are carefully selected.
You will be impressed by the sounds of meat and seafood being grilled in front of you,
the aroma emanating from Teppan, and our chefs’ incredible handiwork and manners.
The refined taste and skill of our chefs will bring you a blissful experience.

Enjoy the flavor of the ingredients and the skill of the chefs

The chef selects ingredients such as brand-name beef from all over Japan, abalones caught in the local area, lobsters, and locally grown vegetables and prepares them in front of your eyes in a live atmosphere. Enjoy the deep flavors of the ingredients themselves, which are conveyed through the dish’s simplicity and the delicious taste that fills your mouth to the brim. We also offer a prefix menu to choose your favorite ingredients.

The origin of the restaurant’s name

“TOMO” means the stern of a ship. Like a guardian watching the voyage, it quietly watches the dining scene.


The ceiling and other parts of the restaurant’s interior are designed with a curved shape to match the fan-shaped counter. The center of the room is lighted up like a stage, and mirrors lining the walls add a glimmer of brilliance to the evening’s banquet.


Teppanyaki | Ryota Kizu

After learning the basics of Teppanyaki at a high-end Teppanyaki restaurant, he began his career at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Since then, he has worked as a Teppanyaki chef at several resort hotels. He has been exploring the taste and technique of Teppanyaki while broadening his cooking range by working in Japanese and French cuisine. He strongly focuses on constant attention to detail, customer conversation, and manners.

Business Hours
11:30 ~ 14:30 (LO) / 17:30 ~ 20:00 (LO)