Japanese Restaurant MIYOSHI [ 6F ]

The ingredients and colors remind us of the changing seasons and the delicate techniques and hearts that go into the elaborate plates and bowls.
We have prepared dishes that delight not only the tongue but all five senses, using locally grown seasonal ingredients.
Enjoy the essence of Japanese cuisine and fine sake from all over the country.

The joy of the season is expressed in a plate of elaborate flavors.

Enjoy the deep taste of the sea that spreads to your mouth with each chopstick, the powerful aroma of the mountains and fields, and the delicious ingredients, all clad in the season’s flavors. We offer visually elegant Kaiseki cuisine with delicate seasonal arrangements and dishes steeped in Japanese traditions and elegance.

The origin of the restaurant’s name

“MIYOSHI” means the bow of a ship. We imagined a heroic figure cutting through the waves as it moved forward.


Experience a seasoned dish while gazing at the majestic contrast of the sea and sky melting into one. Instead of a general Japanese atmosphere, you will enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine in an open-air dining room with a view of the ocean. You will be able to experience a different and fresh sensation and the charm of food.

Japanese Cuisine | Kaoru Kudo

He learned the basics of Japanese cuisine at “Hoshigaoka Saryo,” which serves Kaiseki cuisine at “Hotel Tokyu” in Akasaka. After honing his skills for about 12 years, he worked at “Shabu Zen” in Kawasaki and then at “Omatsu,” which serves live fish dishes, as head chef. Since then, he has worked as a chef at many famous restaurants in Japan. His creed is to make the best use of the flavors of the ingredients without destroying them, and he is well known for his subtle presentation of dishes, including tableware.

Sushi MIYOSHI [ 6F ]

Sushi with the taste and freshness of Sagami Bay

We serve fresh seafood landed in Sagami Bay and Suruga Bay, which are among the richest in Japan. Our chefs, with their polished skills, make sushi with love and care. The natural flavor from the freshness of the ingredients is truly a gift from the sea of Atami.


In front of the counter is a panoramic view of Atami, where you can see the shimmering waves and beautiful scenery dyed by the evening sun. We dare to have only eight seats to serve each customer carefully so that you can take your time to enjoy the polished chefs’ techniques, flavors, and conversation.

Sushi MIYOSHI Chief Chef | Takashi Omori

After training at a local hotel in Kochi Prefecture, he left for Germany at the age of 24. He honed his skills as a sushi chef at three Japanese restaurants in Germany, including Dusseldorf and Munich. After returning to Japan, he also gained experience in kaiseki cuisine at a Japanese auberge in Karuizawa. He personally delivers carefully selected seasonal fish from the Sagami Bay and Enshu Bay to his restaurant as quickly as possible, and by treating each fish with care, he makes the most of the flavors of the fish, which is important to provide delicious sushi.

Business Hours
11:30 ~ 14:30 (LO) / 17:30 ~ 20:00 (LO)