• Pearl Star Hotel Atami Hygiene Policy

Pearl Star Hotel Atami Hygiene Policy

At Pearl Star Hotel Atami, we take the following measures to ensure our guests and employees’ health and safety so that guests can enjoy a stay with peace of mind and a sense of freedom. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

< Requests >

  • We ask for your cooperation in wearing masks, sanitizing your hands when entering the building, and washing your hands frequently during your stay.
  • We are taking the temperature of all guests and follow the instructions of the public health center if they have a fever of 37.5°C or higher or symptoms of coughing or sore throat. Please note that the procedure may be subject to change according to government policies and instructions.

< Check-in and Check-out >

To avoid crowding, check-in in the lounge or your room.

< Installation of sneeze guards >

We are installing partitions at the front reception to prevent droplet infection.

< Temperature checks >

We are conducting temperature checks for all guests.

< Room types that do not create congestion >

All guest rooms have an outdoor (or semi-outdoor) terrace or open-air bath.

< Alcohol sanitizer in all guest rooms >

All guest rooms are equipped with hand sanitizers for each guest.

< Restaurants and food facilities >

  • We make every effort to stagger entry times at restaurants and to ensure adequate spacing between tables. We also offer in-room dining for our guests to spend time in their rooms.
  • At the breakfast buffet, we ensure that all guests wear masks and plastic gloves and guide them through the flow lines to avoid crowding.

< Infinity Bath >

  • You may remove your mask in the bathroom. Please follow the manner of coughing in the bathroom.
  • Please keep enough space in private rooms such as saunas.
  • Please take your social distancing and do not talk loudly while bathing.

< Employee Actions >

  • We install sanitizers in public spaces, restaurants, hot springs, guest rooms, etc.
  • We regularly clean and disinfect guest rooms, restaurants, hot springs, and other areas of the hotel. Especially, we focus on areas that may come in contact with guests.
  • All rental equipment is sanitized after each use.
  • Ventilate the rooms when cleaning each area and regularly ventilate the building.
  • We regularly check our employees’ body temperature to ensure they are in good physical condition.
  • We sanitize the entrances and exits of employees, offices, and other backyards and regularly wash hands and sanitize fingers.